I’m going to Arrowmont Craft Center in Gatlinburgh, TN!


To attend a 5 day workshop.



AUGUST 14, 2016 – AUGUST 20, 2016


The purpose of this class is to discover the art of Cloisonné enameling. The technique refers to the use of a wire within the enamel.




jasper art center


Vickers and Rich – Found Object Sculptures

Date: April 03, 2013  – April 28, 2013
Krempp Gallery Exhibits
Jane Vickers and Amy Rich create sculpture and wearable art from found objects.

Watercolors and Metalwork

Friday,  October 5, 5-7pm

Another First Friday Art Show at Wired Coffehouse,

111 N W 4th Street, Downtown Evansville

Featuring: Watercolors and Metalwork

By Jane Case Vickers

Oct. 5th – 28

Stop in for refreshments and take a look at the art.



Artist Statement

When I was a young art student working in the fibers department at Edwardsville, I felt what I created needed to be powerful, making a loud statement.  I would create large, museum sized pieces about important topics, striving to make my mark.  That was then.  Now, nearing 50, I just like to make things.


Two areas I enjoy working in are enamels and watercolors. In enameling -powdered glass enamels on are used with copper and steel. Heat of nearly 1500 degrees is used to melt the glass and adhere it to the metal.  In watercolor, I find the pigment, water and paper combine in interesting ways.  I have found the way I work in both processes there is a large amount of serendipity when you see how the elements come together.


I am fascinated by skies and plants and things I find.  The Creator’s variety and attention to detail deeply marvels me and I appreciate the way exploring new media has opened my eyes in new ways.  I hope you enjoy my art work.


upcoming workshop – intro to enameling

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Intro to Enameling Workshop
USI jewelry instructor Jane Case Vickers will teach the art of glass enameling on copper. Students will start off creating sample tiles to experiment with color and move on to using more advanced enameling techniques such as stenciling and sgraffito. Watercolor enamels and stamp enameling with embossing ink also will be covered. Glass enamel powders and metal will be supplied. We will end with a mini critique of each other’s work. Students may bring the following optional supplies: a few favorite stamps, a pad of embossing ink, pencil, highlighter, small watercolor brushes.

Dates & Times: Friday, August 3, 6 to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday, August 4, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sarah Campbell Blaffer Potter’s House
Registration Fee: $200